The club has been consistent over the years in its efforts to raise funds. Many small efforts such as bbqs’, car parking, chocolate wheels, raffles, manning entry gates to events and others have contributed essential funds to support club projects.

However, four major activities stand out:

  1. A Travel and Leisure Show under the guidance and organisation of John Cogan , ran on an annual basis for 10 years. This raised substantial funds for the club and still underpins the club’s financial assets.


  1. A successful undercover Sunday market at a supermarket venue ran for several years until its demise with the introduction of Sunday opening hours.


  1. Various events held at the home of Derek and Hellen Chambers at their Lindhurst home provided the club with significant income.


  1. Recently the introduction of a weekly Sunday market at a venue close to the club’s meeting place is promising to be an important source of income.